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Here we go!

New blog + New Etsy shop coming= Exciting Times

A while ago on my last blog I mentioned that I would be working to start an Etsy shop. The process of designing items, ordering supplies, and getting all the social media sites together is lots of fun and makes a great creative outlet. All of these little aspects (plus more!) are very time consuming, so the shop isn’t opening quite as quickly as I originally hoped. Fingers crossed I’ll be selling items before July.

In the mean time, I wanted to start blogging again and get a feel for some of the new social media platforms I will be using. Before the shop opens I won’t necessarily be doing a lot of promoting. Having no Etsy shop for all these sites to direct people to would be pretty annoying! You have to start somewhere. So this blog is me. Starting somewhere.

At Bobbin and Company I will create hand sewn accessories to make your every day life a little brighter and more simple. Originally, my plan was to start off with 3 different items, but in the interest of getting this thing off the ground I’m starting with 1 item type, a wristlet. I’ll make this in a few fabric patterns, and once I get my feet wet I’ll expand to new designs and items.

This blog will be a place to get an idea of some of the behind the scenes happenings of Bobbin and Company, hear a little more about what I am up to, and maybe there will even be a tutorial now and then. And of course if I couldn’t share favorite book or recipe recommendations, what fun would that be?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Happy reading!


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