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Mango Extravaganza

There is a lot I miss about living in the mid-Atlantic area: friends, family, fall…(apparently only alliterative terms), but there are so many things to love about Florida life too, and access to tropical fruit throughout the year is not the least of these.


Right now in south Florida it is the thick of Mango season, and last Sunday David and I spent the whole day volunteering on a mango farm. Every year Erickson Farms does a big event called Sample Sunday. You can tour the farm, taste 10 (or more!) different mango varieties, purchase products from various local vendors, buy fruit trees, and buy other mango related goodness.


Our friends were also able to sell some bananas from their farm. The honey jars in the bottom left corner is some of the honey David harvested from his hives.

For most of the day I helped sell mango bread and jam that were made on the farm by the owners. I spent the day chatting with a friend, giving out samples, and meeting locals who look forward to the event each year. This was definitely a fun day and I can’t wait until next year. Hopefully I’ll be able to swing by their fruit stand again before the season is over so I can stock up to try my hand at canning mango chutney or something else equally as good.



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