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The Sewing Related Happenings of a Wedding Weekend

This past weekend one of my very best friends ever got married. Allie and I met on the first day of kindergarten and have remained close ever since that fateful “Do you want to be friends?” conversation. We’ve been together through most major life/growing-up events so it was very special that in the past year we have been in each others weddings.

Confession time: I hardly have any pictures from the weekend. My plan was to take pictures with my phone, but I had to trade phones with my husband so he could navigate the Pennsylvania back roads while I was off doing bridesmaidy things. (David is still the proud owner of a flip phone.)

Here is one picture I grabbed from Facebook:



This was part of the getting ready phase of the day. As we were prepping, the thin strap on her wedding dress popped off. Eeek! Lucky for all present Allie was laid back about it. I know I wouldn’t have been so calm if that happened to me, but Allie was so relaxed all day. Since I’ve been honing my sewing skills with my little Etsy shop I was ready to go and threw a few stitches on to hold the strap in for the day. Am I allowed to say that I can sew wedding dresses now? The rest of the day was flawless and beautiful. I absolutely loved my trip up to Pennsylvania, and it was an honor to be a part of the wedding for such an important friend.

Congrats Allie and Ian!


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