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Want to experience the whole realm of human emotion? Make a quilt.

Excitement: The time where you decide you want to make a quilt and you go to the fabric store with the measurements you need for all the fabric.

Elation: You pick out all the absolutely perfect, most beautiful fabrics and head home with your bag of loot.


Still excited but slightly less so: When you have to iron and cut all the fabrics.

Accomplished: When you sew all the pretty squares together, this thing actually worked!

Nervous: Will all these pieces actually match up when you start to assemble the quilt top?

Angry: You were right to be nervous, these pieces don’t mach up like they are supposed to.

Strong: But…you can stretch that fabric further to make it work!

Proud: You finished assembling that quilt top and except for those two squares at the bottom everything matched up.


Exhausted: After assembling the top you still have to put all the layers together and actually do the quilting. This part is challenging and takes FOREVER.

In awe: Whoa, you have actually finished this thing. You sit and stare at it for a time ranging from 5 min-2 hours.

All the feelings at once: You give the quilt to good friends as a gift, but it’s akin to sending a child away for college. You know you’ll see it again and it’s off to do bigger and better things, but you can’t help put be concerned whether you prepared the quilt adequately for life away from you. And, you’ll just plain miss hanging out. Still, you are quite proud and happy of all that you and the quilt have accomplished together.


Handmade gifts can be quite the emotional investment. What projects have you taken on that have made you either gleeful with pride OR caused you to swear off DIY for life?


4 thoughts on “Want to experience the whole realm of human emotion? Make a quilt.

  1. I decided that I was going to learn how to quilt the summer after I graduated from Virginia Tech and didn’t have a job yet… I made a queen size Hokie quilt for myself and two lap quilts for Christmas gifts that year… It’s been 2 years since that 6 month period of everyday quilting and I haven’t attempted again yet… But I did do a lot of sitting and observing the finished products and felt sort of a “empty nest syndrom” when the two lap quilts were no longer there for me to just look at and be proud of everyday! 😉

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