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Beyond Retail Therapy, the Purpose Behind a Purchase

I’m not a huge spender. Most of the books I read are from the library, I’ll usually pick a redbox movie night over a trip out to the theatre, and I’m making an effort to keep a pared down wardrobe.

That being said, sometimes it is fun to splurge on something new, and often something that we are really pleased with has value beyond the item itself.

Example A:

My Running Shoes


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a big runner, but during the cooler months in FL I do like to hit the pavement for 20-30 minutes a few times a week. In addition to keeping my back safe with proper shoes, these have also been a motivation for exercise.

I spent money on nice shoes, so I feel like I have to use them. Also, something about putting them on gets me in workout mode and makes me feel like a legitimate runner. Sure, I spent a little more on these that I would on the average pair of shoes, but they have kept me running and make me feel good when I do so.

Example B:

Bolts of Fabric


Have you every purchased an entire bolt of fabric? Let me tell you, it’s pretty exciting.

In the past I have not needed too much fabric at a time, but with starting up Bobbin and Co. there were a few things I could buy in larger quantities.

The first time I left the fabric store with the whole bolt I walked out with an extra bounce in my step. The bolt of fabric meant that I really did know how to sew, and I was in fact going to open an Etsy shop. After that initial investment I definitely wasn’t going to turn back.

Sometime a piece of fabric is more than just a piece of fabric. Have you gotten anything new recently that meant a little more than what was on the surface?


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