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Favorites on Etsy

Here is a little collection of a few of my favorite things I’ve found on Etsy lately.

From Bindhi and Brutus

Tiny Gold Farfelle Pasta Pendant Necklace on Delicate 14-16" Gold Filled Chain - Gift for Her, Valentine, Just Because

How could you not smile at this pasta necklace?

They also have a beautiful collection of scarves. This pink one caught my eye.

From Marolsha:

Bakers Necklace. Measuring Spoon, Silver Miniature Baking Tray Muffin Necklace. Gifts for Chef. Little Baker. Cupcake Lover. Mother Day Gift

Apparently I’m really into food necklaces right now. This baking one is too perfect.

And finally, from 716Designs:

20% Off SALE Lord of The Rings Inspired Hobbit Diet Typography Poster, Lord of the Rings Wall Art, Modern Home Decor, Wall Art

This word art outlining a hobbit’s meal plan would be an ideal kitchen decoration.



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