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Making the most of the weekend

Last weekend I traveled as far south as you can go in the states.

That’s right, I made it out to Key West.

David and I finally took advantage of the fact that we live within driving distance of the Keys and spent a fairly spontaneous weekend on the very edge of Florida.


We didn’t actually stay over night on Key West, there was a cute Bed and Breakfast (that I would highly recommend) on Big Pine Key, about 45 minutes from our final destination. The B&B included bikes to get around the island, a small spot on the beach with lounge chairs and a hammock, and use of a glass bottom kayak. Not  bad at all!


We spent all of last Saturday on Key West itself.

There are certainly an abundance of attractions and sights on Key West, but the cost can add up quickly so we prioritized a visit to:

The Hemmingway House (and the 6 toed cats that live there)





and Truman’s Little White House. (No pictures allowed).

Aside from indulging in some delicious conch fritters and sampling Key Lime pie we stick to some of the free things to do.


Like a visit to the Key West Cemetery complete with this gem:


We also stopped by mile marker 0 on US 1 and the official southern-most point of the states.

On Sunday we took advantage of the glass bottom kayak and paddled around Big Pine Key, and I had a Snow White moment with one of the adorable Key Deer.


All in all the weekend was an absolutely lovely break from normal routine. We are already planning a camping trip down that way when the weather gets cooler.



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