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4 Ways to Gift the Mini-Makeup Bag


The more of these mini-makeup pouches I make the more I am loving them.

Initially, these pouches seemed like a perfect complementary item for my larger makeup bags. They are a simple one layer that matches the inner oilcloth of their larger counterparts and they are great for organizing a few smaller items within the bigger bag.

However, the more I look at these bags, the more I realize that they really can stand on their own.

The tiny bags are perfect for gifting, here are a few of my ideas:


The Traveler

For your favorite lady always ready to trot around the globe, think about gifting some travel sized items in this bag. You really can get travel sized shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, a little bar of soap, and maybe even a travel toothbrush inside.



A Quick Thank-You

When you want to show a little appreciation for someone who helped you with a special favor, fill this bag with a few small pieces of their favorite chocolate or a selection of tea and add a little note expressing your thanks.




Fill the bag with post-its, funny paper clips, or some mini-highlighters as a holiday gift for your child’s favorite teacher.



Gift Card Holder

These bags are the ideal size for a holding a gift card. Pair it with a small bottle of nail polish, a little necklace, or whatever little touch your friend might enjoy.



What else would you put in these cute little bags?


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