Thank you, Heifer Donation, and Goals

Hey Readers, what’s going on?

My blog has gotten a little dusty as of late, and it is high time that I check in again.

First things first: A big thank you to everyone who supported Bobbin and Co. over the Christmas season. Whether you purchased an item or told me something in the shop was cute, I appreciate you. I was kept busy in December packaging orders and making runs to the post office several days a week, I loved it!

In addition to a good number of sales during the season I was also doing a Heifer International promotion. 15% of the retail value of all of my November and December sales went towards Heifer International. I spent one summer in college volunteering with Heifer International, and agriculture development projects are near and dear to my heart.

I’m pleased to say, that thanks to you, the shop raised $100 to donate. We were just shy of the amount needed for a goat donation, but we were able to purchase the gift of rabbits, honeybees, and 1 share of a goat.

together we have power overpoverty

Photo courtesy of Heifer International

And now we’re on to another new year. I’m not one to set a lot of resolutions per se, but I am big into setting goals and working for them. I suppose its almost the same thing, I just prefer the word goal to resolution.

I’ve got some goals and ideas for the shop and I would love to hear your input.

1. Develop at least 3 new items. Some ideas floating around my head right now are: a large weekender style bag, a new men’s item (grilling apron?), and something else that uses bright, pretty fabrics.

2. Restock my shop. I’m out of the mini-makeup bags and a few of the men’s bag colors. I want to re-up the full inventory, and add lots of different color and pattern options for my existing items.

3. Participate in a craft show. I think I’d like to do this around the 2015 holiday season, I will spend time looking through the options around here and then decide if it is feasible for me.

What are some other goals that you have for 2015? Is there anything you would like to see from Bobbin and Co. this year?


In the Works

I’m diligently working on new items to add to Bobbin and Co. and here are a few things I’ve been thinking:

Over the weekend I tried out a new design for a make-up/ travel bag for women. I’m thinking something like this…


The design came out really well. The bag will come with me for a test run while I’m traveling this week to see how it holds up in use. It would still be several weeks before this item would potentially be available, I’d have to order and prep fabrics, and sew up some bags. Now is your chance, any fabric colors or designs you would like to see this bag in?

Next on the list is Christmas stockings, I found this fabric a couple weeks ago:


The design immediately brings to mind the scene in the Charlie Brown Christmas special where Charlie Brown finds his tree among all the other flashy Christmas trees. Since the Charlie Brown Christmas special is one of my favorites to watch during the holidays, anything that brings it to mind gets an A+ in my book.

And finally, I’m thinking about a men’s travel case. A classy and simple leather toiletry/shaving/whatever-you-call-it case would be ideal.


I’ve never worked with leather, so that’s still a ways down the road. Maybe I’ll start with some sort of canvas material? Suggestions welcome.

What else would you like to see in the shop? I’d love to hear your ideas.