The Holiday After Groundhog Day

I think we all know what’s coming up, that holiday all about love. It seems like every year there is always some controversy and about Valentine’s Day. I’ve heard people who are single saying they feel left out and people in relationships say things like, “We should celebrate love every day!”

While I don’t disagree with celebrating love every day, I also think we should be thankful every day, but no one seems to have an issue with Thanksgiving. We should probably be doing a lot more things every day. And while I’m not against Valentine’s Day I don’t do anything huge to celebrate either. Last year David make a special breakfast before work, and in the evening I made a nicer-ish dinner. I used my pink and red fiesta-ware plates and we called it a day. Before David and I were dating my mom took pretty good care of me with care packages in college and a little gift in the morning growing up. So, my Valentine’s experiences haven’t been rough.

I’ve enjoyed looking through some of the funny Valentine’s Cards that Etsy has and I’m sure you’ll find them funny no matter which side you fall on the debate.

Funny Valentine Card - Valentine's Day Card - I Still Love You

From Roo and Bear

Discount Chocolate Day Anti Valentines Day Card with Envelope blank inside

From Buck and Libby

If you are into gifting for Valentine’s Day or you just want to treat yourself to something special, check out this wristlet from Bobbin and Co. 

Red Wristlet with Music and Swirls- Clutch/Wallet/Zipper Closure

The red swirls make a bright, pretty outside

And there is a music-note inside. And a bonus- if you give this to a music lover, they can play the music inside. Ha!

I first made a set of these wristlets for my friend Gina’s wedding (take a look at her brand new blog Mrs. Dessert Monster). I had a little leftover fabric when I was finished with her order, and was happy to put a few extra together for the shop.

Happy Friday, Happy Valentine’s Day next week, or Happy Anti-Valentine’s. What are your thoughts? Love the holiday or love? Hate it? No real opinion? Let me know in the comments.


Three Questions, and my first Giveaway

Note: This giveaway has now passed.


1. What is tan, orange, and rectangular?

2. What has the perfect style for casual use, but is classy enough for a fun night out?

3. What will hold all of your essentials like phone, cards, and cash?

If you answered, the Bobbin & Co. Orange Damask Wristlet to any of these questions, you are correct!


I absolutely love the bright, beautiful design of this wristlet, it adds a fun pop to any outfit and slips easily into a work bag or large purse. Don’t forget- the inside has pockets for your cash and cards and it’s in a cute, contrasting fabric.


I’m very excited to give away one of my handmade Bobbin and Co. wristlets to one person who leaves a comment on this post.

To enter: Answer one (or all 3!) of the following questions in the comments:

a. What is your favorite meal to cook at home?

b. Where did you travel this summer?

c. What is your favorite color?

You have until midnight on Thursday August 14th to comment. I’ll notify the winner by email on Friday. Giveaway is limited to US residents only. Good luck!

Giveaway has now past, see you next time!